A wonderful end to the year as winter kicks in

As the autumn draws to a close Craig and Evgeniya finished off the end of the season with an explosive run of competitions starting in Shanghai. A finely organised event saw the worlds best descend on the Mercedes Benz Expo Arena and Craig and Evgeniya solidified their position in the top 12 in the world with a wonderful display of dancing making an exciting semi final. 

The following week saw them fly into Assen for the world renowned Dutch Open Championships where the atmosphere is electric and the audience loud. Another good showing saw Craig and Evgeniya make the semi final placing 9th position and this saw them create great momentum for the following week which was to be their national championships in Blackpool. 

Strictly was also in Blackpool filming for their big spectacle and a few of the stars of the show came into the ballroom world to meet Craig and Evgeniya and the other dancers flying the flag for the British. 

Thursday at Nationals saw Craig and Evgeniya being crowned British Professional ShowDance Champions after they performed their wonderful show themed 'A happy incident' for the audience and judges alike. 

The end of the year see's a few shows and a heavy push on the training to go into the New Year with a boom and to keep ahead of the game and be ready for the UK Open January 18th.

World Show Dance Championships in Russia

Prior to the British Open Craig and Evgeniya travelled to Omsk, Siberia to compete in the Professional Ballroom Classical Show Dance Cahmpionships. This event took each countries best couples onto one world stage to dance a show number of their choice to compete for the world title. 

Craig and Evgeniya took their beautifully told show translated to 'a happy unhappy incident' and performed it through 3 rounds and getting into the final. 

They faced tough competition from couples representing Russia, USA and Germany and in the final the decision went to the line. On countback and Rule 10 and 11 respectively they lost out on being World Champions by 1 mark. 

Although no title and they took the very good position of runner up they were elated to represent their country and fly the great British flag abroad.

Kicking 2016 off with a bang

After what felt like only a short break over Christmas and New Year Craig and Evgeniya kicked off 2016 early in the season dancing the UK Open, the first of the three majors. 

Competition was as ever strong and Craig and Evgeniya put in a fine performance and again solidified their ranking in the top 20 couples in the world. 

Good news was to follow as in spring 2016 Freed of London Dance Shoes rolled out the 'Evgeniya' shoe designed in collaboration with Evgeniya and it is now their number one best seller.  As seen in the picture at the flagship store in Covent Garden, London.

Next for them is the build up to the biggest competition of the year which is Blackpool and the British Open in May. Keep your eyes open for future updates.